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Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

GBG & Pub of The Year Selection Process

Voting for the branch Good Beer Guide Entries and Pub of the Year

This policy recognises the need to provide the fairest possible decision in selecting for the GBG and POTY for the benefit of all the great pubs in the area.

1. Nominations will be invited from the branch members for pubs to be in the guide All pubs who consistently serve3-4 good quality draught ales can expect to be included in the shortlist.

2. Shortlisting and final inclusion/award will take account of valid Beer Scores along with other CAMRA factors (eg support for CAMRA objectives).

Members will be reminded that valid beer scores require more members to vote for more pubs. Skewed results based on repeat voting of a pub from the same members will not be taken into account.

3. Immediately prior to final submission for the GBG the Secretary will arrange for a party of members taken from those volunteering who can attend all pubs to inspect and assess beer quality. Each member of the party will have one vote to include or exclude each pub.

The Recommendation of the visiting party will be ratified by the Branch meeting before final submission using online meeting if necessary.

4. A pub nominated for the GBG which changes manager landlord owner or tenant thereafter will not automatically be withdrawn - rather the effect of the change will be judged based on the pub visit.

Guidelines for voting for Pub of the Year, Cider Pub of the Year and Club of the Year

Pubs don’t have to be picture postcard, unspoilt gems to be a Pub of the Year. Pubs of all sizes and locations, such as those located on a housing estate, modern city centre bars, micropubs or back street locals, where everyone is made to feel welcome, can be considered for this award. Please find below a checklist to give you some guidance on what to look for in a Pub of the Year.

The Club of the Year competition rewards clubs that show the greatest commitment to quality real ale. Please remember that clubs do not need a wealth of hand pulls to be entered into the Club of the Year competition; the emphasis should always be on the quality of the Cask ale rather than the quantity. If your branch has more than one nominated club there will need to be a competition to find the best candidate.

CATEGORY 1 – QUALITY AND CONDITION OF REAL ALE / CIDER / PERRY • It is the quality and condition that are important, and NOT the number available. • Aspects to consider include: is it stale, is it too warm or too cold, and does it taste right for the style. Personal tastes for particular styles must be ignored.

CATEGORY 2 – PROMOTION AND KNOWLEDGE OF REAL ALE OR REAL CIDER/PERRY • Is there clear and obvious support and promotion of real ale (real cider / perry if applicable)? Examples include: meet the brewer (cider maker) events, beer festivals, and trips to breweries (cider producers) or other festivals. • Staff should enthusiastically promote real ale (real cider / perry if applicable) and be able to answer simple queries in relation to these products. • The provision of information on products, producers, suppliers, etc. is desirable.

CATEGORY 3 – CLEANLINESS AND STAFF HYGIENE • Toilets should be hygienic and clean with hot water, soap, suitable hand drying facilities etc.. • The pub/club should be clean throughout, including bar tops, tables and glasses. • Staff should observe good hygiene practices, eg correct handling of glasses, not eating behind the bar, clean hands and surfaces regularly etc.

CATEGORY 4 – COMMUNITY FOCUS • There should be a sense of community that is inclusive and welcoming to all age groups and sectors of the community. Do regular customers interact well with strangers? • There should be support for local activities, such as sports teams, local groups, and local celebrations. Is there a notice board that lists local events, activities, or information on the local area? • Further information can be found on https://pubs.camra.org.uk/communitypubs.

CATEGORY 5 – SERVICE AND WELCOME • All should be welcome. No aspect of the pub/club should cause offense by anything that could be offensive to a consumer due to their discriminatory nature. This includes websites and other aspects of social media. • Service should be welcoming, friendly, polite, and also prompt whenever possible. If it is busy, a friendly acknowledgement of your presence is desirable.

CATEGORY 6 – STYLE, DÉCOR AND ATMOSPHERE • There should be a comfortable, pleasant and safe environment throughout. • The style should show respect for the building and the décor should enhance it. Furnishing should be in a good state of repair. • Is there a friendly atmosphere? • Considering the time and day of the week, is it busy enough to create a good atmosphere?

CATEGORY 7 – SYMPATHY WITH CAMRA'S AIMS (As listed in CAMRA’s Policies) • Prices and opening hours should be clearly displayed. • You should get a full measure or a top up without asking. Are oversized glasses used? • Are there attempts to stimulate interest in the sorts of issues we’re concerned about? • Real ale, cider or perry should not be sold using misleading dispense methods. • It should be clear who has brewed ‘house branded’ real ale, cider or perry. • There should not be any inappropriate noisy electronic amusement machines. • Real ales should not be served through tight sparklers unless brewed to be dispensed in that way. • If a number of real ales/cider/perry are available a range of styles and strengths should be offered and a local product, where available.

CATEGORY 8 – OVERALL IMPRESSION AND VALUE • This category covers the undefined elements that are not considered elsewhere. • Are other products/services that may enhance a visit available, such as quality soft drinks? • Did you enjoy your visit? Did you spend more time than you had expected or wish you had been able to stay longer? Would you look forward to a return visit? • Taking into account the style of establishment and its location, did you feel that you received reasonable value for money? CAMRA discounts should not influence this.